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Interface with PC USB2.0 for Control
Camera Link(Base) for video(MINI CL)
Supported Video Format 8bit to 16bit Bayer (8/10/12/14/16)
8bit or 16bit YUV4:2:2
8bit or 16bit RGB888/RGB565
Supported Control Bus Standard I2C
NON-standard I2C (16bitaddress,16bitdata,Programmable Latency etc)
Video Transfer Rate
(Supported Pixel Clock Frequency)
USB2.0 Rate, Up to 240MByte/sec
Supported Video Resolution Under 12M pixels resolution : Camera Link
Under 5M pixels resolution : USB
SMIA & MIPI Support CCP(SMIA(650MHz))
MIPI converter(500MHz at 2-Lane)
Master Clock Supply 1.0M~68MHz / 0.1MHz step
Power Supply Channel : 1~4 channel
Voltage : 1.5~4.2V / +-0.1% under
Current : 800Ma / +-0.5% under
Power consumption : 12Mv
External 5V/3A DC power supply
Video Transfer Format Parallel(default)
MIPI 2-lane(optional)
Supported Operating System Micro Windows XP, Windows 7(32bit)